1962    Mosca         Gaprindashvili Bykova      11  7  4  0
1965    Riga          Gaprindashvili Kusnir      13  7  3  3
1969    Tbilisi-Mosca Gaprindashvili Kusnir      13  6  5  2
1972    Riga          Gaprindashvili Kusnir      16  5  7  4
1975    Picunda       Gaprindashvili Alexandria  12  8  1  3
1978    Picunda      Ciburdanize Gaprindashvili  15  4  9  2
Nona is current European female Senior Champion and won the World female Senior Championship in 2009 (in 2010 she lost the title due to the worst technical tiebreak).
She was the first woman to get the title of Grand Master (‘absolute’).

Is it the first time you play in Opatija?
No. It is my first tournament here, but when I was young, after playing in Beograd and Zagreb, I came here on the coast to play simul and exhibitions; and among the various towns I was also here in Opatija and in Rijeka. Moreover I played Olympiads in Skopje and Novi Sad. I have to say that I always considered the former Jugoslavia as my second country; I came to play every year and I always had a warm welcome by organisation and chess fans. And I have to say that also this time the Chess Club of Rijeka had a great affection to me and I am very happy for this and I would like to thank them and all the people of Opatija.


When did you learn to play chess?
I was a little girl, I learned to play looking at my four brothers. To be true I have to say that I did everything that my brothers made. So I played football, I played ping-pong, I played billiard: in billiard I am still very good, and as far as football I am a great supporter of Barcelona and Arsenal, as the whole my family: I like to follow the games and I appreciate good football! players: I can say that I ‘understand’ football!
Moreover with my brothers I played chess! But I played my first important tournament only when I was 13 years old, and it happened almost by chance. In Tbilisi was organized a team event and each team should have a female chessboard. My brother was the first chessboard of the team  and he proposed me; so I had my beginning in an official event. I played well and the responsible of the club proposed to my parents a coach for me; I lived in a town far from Tbilisi, but I had an uncle  there. So my parents send me to live with my uncle, I started to study chess with a coach and in a couple of years I became first Georgian women champion, than women champion of Urss (1956).
Now I try to teach chess to my nephew Nicholas (5 years old); my son David and my other nephew Lary (16 years old) do not play.

You was the first woman to get the title of Grand Master (absolute). What was your feeling when you achieved this goal?
You can say the title of ‘male’ Grand Master! In the Seventy, when I played tournaments (usually round robin tournaments, with 10, 12 or 14 players, at that time there were few swiss tournaments) all the men fought hard against me, because I was a woman. In almost equal position they go on and adjourned the game, one and also two times, while against another man they would have made draw. For me it was not easy. In any case I performed the Grand Master title in the tournament of Lone Pine (USA) in 1977, where I played some beautiful and interesting games. I remember for example my win against gm Peters. After this tournament all the players considered me in a different way. But this did not change my style of play: I always play to win!

Among your games, do you remember one in particular?

May be my game against Velimirovic in Bela Crkva 1984; I was black;  it was really a hard battle, with continuous upsets, sacrifice and counter sacrifices. Lot of people was around the table to look at the game and when at the end we agreed for a draw they applauded both for some minutes.


And about tournaments?
Oh, there are many. By the way I can mention Reggio Emilia 1982-83. I won the tournament (all the other players were men) and I played a very good game against Kapengut.

Coming back to the world championship here in Opatija: 40 woman, it is a record! What do you think about? And what’s your goal in the tournament?
I think that the number of women in the Senior Championship will increase in the next years, also because for the women it is enough to be 50 years old. I think that it is a positive matter. As far as this tournament I am confident; I am playing well, I feel well. In any case, as I told you, I always play to win: I never look to the opponent, I always look to the position!

Your opinion about the playing time?
It is not a problem, in fact it is the same for all the players. I cannot say if before it was better: once there were the adjourned games and one game could last also 10-12 hours and it was requested to have firm nerves! Now it is different, but surely is better for organization!

What about the new girls and women from China and India? Do you think that the traditional domination in the female chess of Georgia is finished or not?
Yes, female players of China and India are growing up. Above all China, that always had good players. The problem is that after Xie Yun the top player changed every year. Now there is the young Hou Yifan: we will see if she can keep the world title for some years. In my opinion she can improve, but I think that for the moment she has not yet found the right coach.

As far as Georgia: we dominate the world for about 40 years! We won everything, either individual and team events! It is normal that after such a long time something changed. In any case Georgia won the female Olympiad in 2008, so surely the Georgian tradition is not yet finished.

Thank you very much GM Nona Gaprindashvili! You will be always in the hearth of chess fans!











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