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7th Round Opatija Chess Summer 2011

sl001ar7With a completely deserved victory of the tournament holder grandmaster Nenad Fercec, the first International open tournament Opatija chess summer came to an end. Fercec was in the group of leading players the whole tournament and with 4 wins and 3 draws along with great performance he justified his role as the tournament favorite. International master Josip Rukavina finished on the second place with 5 points as well as his club colleague Fide master Srdjan Zelenika who took the third place. Beside the top three players, the biggest winner of the tournament is chess club Rijeka's cadet Sven Tica with an increase of 34 Elo points. Also great impression was shown by another Rijeka's cadet Jadranko Plenca who, after the two losses in the last rounds, finished on the 13th place with an increase of 11 Elo points.

Tournament closure

The tournament was closed by the representative of the Milenij hotel Ana Pucic who handed the prizes to the players with a promise that the tournament will be traditional and with even bigger prize fund in the future.

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6th Round Opatija Chess Summer 2011

23_tica_sven6th round did not bring any changes to the top. Leading Nenad Fercec with a calm draw against Boris Golubovic kept the half point advantage. Rukavina and Zelenika on the second board kept up with the leading players after their game finished with a draw. Grandmaster Hecht by winning against Irving Pejic joined the division of 2. - 5. place. Jadranko Plenca, chess club Rijeka's cadet, suffered his first loss on the tournament by his brother Julian. This year's Croatian cadet vice-champion to 13. years Sven Tica is the second pleasant surprise of the tournament. By winning against Damir Vrhovnik he came to the division of 6. - 8. place with 4 points with the increase of 34 Elo points.

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5th Round Opatija Chess Summer 2011

fercec_nenadTwo rounds before the end of the tournament, grandmaster Nenad Fercec, by winning against Julijan Plenca, gained a 2 point lead followed by Golubovic, Rukavina and Zelenika with the biggest chances of winning the tournament.
Fide master Srdjan Zelenika used a quick draw between Rukavina and Golubovic to his advantage and by winning against Vrhovnik, came to the division of 2.-4. place with 4 points.
Young Jadranko Plenca continues his great games but with omissions as well. In a battle against a Lithuanian Valiunas Rimantas he did not use a significant advantage and he had to settle for a draw..

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