- Your career, is winning the 5. Mediterranean the best achievement:
I won 2 team championships this year (HAŠK Mladost Croatian Cup and in America – American student championship). 5. Mediterranean is by all means one of the greatest achievements in my career.
- Rate yourself
I'm not satisfied in general but I am very pleased with my militancy and self confidence since after losing against Zdenko Kožul I was able to get back to first place.

- Tournament quality:
I thought that the most players would be more militant and only  Zdenko Kožul was a good opponent like he always is when in good form, I cannot say that for the others. By seeing the player's names the tournament was very tough thus this victory means a lot to me.

- Your career in chess and life, a few details:
Chess is my current occupation but my wish is to do what I went to school for and that is finance. I got a master's degree in Texas majoring in finance and I would like to use that gained knowledge in Republic of Croatia

- International team and plans in the future:
I will try to play better and in case of an invite to the team, I will most definitely accept.

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